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 VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020
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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/16




11/15/16 (South Royalton)

Tom Cook, Dave Barra, Marty Adams, Jessica Christian, Gary Blodgett, Joe Gonillo

Meeting began with Assignors’ reports from Gary and Frank

Discussion involved –

Evaluations and assessments:  2-person and 3-person systems; summer training sessions; more experience for line work; new officials’ report; fitness test and yearly meeting; possible opportunities for back-to-back jv/varsity games may exist where varsity officials working jv game then run lines for varsity games; the idea of varsity players running lines in jv games to help filling sub-varsity games slots (which might also help players’ respect for the job); and other…..

New Officials –

A good number of new referees joined the VSOA this year.  The list includes:

Nicole Adams, Steven Bird, George Gonda, Mark Hyjek, Leah Kotok, Kim Prestridge, Todd Sanderson, Roshi Brooklyn, Rob Donfried, Alex Grist, Faris Halilovic, Ned Halilovic, Seth Hepburn, Justin Hepburn, Lewis Duckworth, and Jeanie Lin.  A note to make it clear to new referees that attendance is required for probationary and 2nd year members at the annual meeting.

We are exploring options with the VPA on stronger recruiting methods for the Association.

The idea of a VSOA social was brought up.  Interesting brainstorming session.  Will be revisited in the spring.

Stipends for interpreter and secretary/treasurer discussed and paid $400/$1500 respectively.

Semi’s and Finals 2016 Officials:



Roger Ranz, Stephane Oliveira, Ezz Fatnassi, Elvir Jandric, Dennis Filion, Ryan Gates, Mike McCaffrey, Eric Corredera, Jim Marshia, Mike Clark, Brian Barney, Stu Maynard, Mike Browne, Sonja Duncan, Jessica Christian, Roland Noel, Tucker Myhre, John Woodruff, Shannon Sweet, Darcy LeBlanc, Emmanuel Riby-Williams, Brian Hurlbert, and Roland Billings.



Mark Paquette Center, George Cook, Christopher Dawes; Kirk Abrahamson; Bud Laudenslager, Jamie Falco;  

Marty Adams, David Doenges, Randal Adams; Rich Ogilvie, Eric Evans, Steve Blongy; Gunther Sihler, Paul Austin, Randall Dewey; Bruce Schmidt, Scott Ryan, Jeffery Reed.



Division 1 Boys at Burlington

Frank Martel                     

Marvin Pritchard              

Mike Clark                          

Rick Desorda                     


Division 1 Girls at Burlington

Kyle Wilson

Paul Austin

Bruce Schmidt


Division 2 Boys at South Burlington HS             

Andy Gingras                     

Joe Gonillo                         

Jim Bellinghiri                     

Art Thompson                     


Division 2 Girls at S Burlington HS

Bob Richardson                  

Miles Etter                           

Carol Weston                      

Art Thompson                                                                 


Division 3 Boys at Bellows Falls HS

Craig Iverson

Greg Hartmann

Bill Edwards


Division 3 Girls at Bellows Falls HS

Dave Barra  

Roland Noel

Elvis Jandric   

Division 4 Boys

Rich Ogilvie

Eric Evans

Bud Laudenslager


Division 4 Girls

Chris Buckley 

Pat Whalen 

Marty Adams


Congratulations to all.  We should remember to take a picture of your finals’ referee group.  Good memory.

Last Reminder   ……   to send me your dues by 12/31 please if you have not already.  Also, I have only had a few emails re change of address/contact info.  Check the website to make sure your information is correct.  Let me know the details please. 

Feel free to contact me with questions, problems, comments, etc.  I may be changing my email address for VSOA matters in January.  When that happens, I will email you.

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