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 VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020
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-Annual Meeting Minutes August 2018
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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > Annual Meeting Minutes August 2018


Annual Meeting
9am, Saturday, August 11th, 2018
Middlebury High School


8:30 Check in/out and dues collection - welcomed the help here


9am Call to Order


Introduction of the Board

Moment of silence to honor the passing of our refereeing brothers and sisters (Jim Starr, Jerry Gingras, John Werner (Friend of Soccer)



Thank you Caleb Magoon Power Play Sports for attending and selling

Fitness Test was conducted after meeting on football field


Rules Interpreter/SDI Andy Gingras gave a well-spoken presentation on 2018 Rule Changes.  Consult front of rule book for review


Clinic - Andy and Craig Iverson discussed on-field situations, misconducts, cards, offsides, and others.  Video highlights with questions and answers were appreciated


Dave Barra presented an eloquent President’s Message.  His work for 3 years on the board continues to move VSOA in right direction.           



Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report were emailed the week of meeting.  Love this idea and compliment predecessors for it. We need more in membership; dues are beginning to add to treasury            

Scholarship Committee – moved to awards ceremony; Bruce Schmidt awarded $500 scholarships to Allison Buckley, Logan Taylor, and Grace Woodruff.  Logan addressed members briefly while Bruce read notes of thanks from Allison and Grace

Fees & Dues Committee – Bill Duval reported F/D as status quo

Grievance Committee – Stan Blicharz was ill; meeting to address absentees is up-coming; please send letter (of appeal) with $75 fine to Joe G ASAP

Training Coordinator’s Report delivered by Craig Iverson (Director of Assessment)  who is looking to, among other things, aid our assignors in training of new referees.

Assignor’s Reports – Frank and Gary reminded us to connect/contact partner/s the night before. If no response, call assignors that evening please.


Acceptance of Members -2017 Probationary Members accepted; Requests for Active/Inactive Status accepted.  We now stand at 153 active and 21 inactive…..


Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Recipients – presented by Bruce Schmidt


Awards and Retirements

Recognized Kixy Austin, Tom Hall, Doug Neet, Scott Ryan as 2018 retirees

John Witalec congratulated on his VPA HOF Induction to Class of 2018 as VSOA Soccer Official

10 yr. Awards - Brian Barney, Bob Bayer, Craig Iverson, Tom Stames

20 yr. Awards - Ezz Fatnassi, Steve Lunna, Roger Ranz, Scott Slocum, Sonja Duncan, Roland Noel

25 yr. Awards - Tom Cook, Mark Wood

Life Members - n/a

Dick Stewart Awards - Roger Ranz and Chris Buckley


Recognition of Officials Working Semi’s and Finals 2017

Semi Finals South:

Bud Laudenslager, Gary Sherman, Randall Dewey, Mark Paquette, Steve Blongy, Mike Kinsler, Bruce Schmidt, John Witalec, David Doenges, Paul Austin, Jamie Falco, Kyle Wilson, Eric Evans, Jason Klump, Jeffrey Reed, Rich Ogilvie, Patrick Whalen.


Semi Finals North:

John Woodruff, Bob Richardson, Miles Etter, Jim Marshia, Dave Barra, Mike Browne, Elvis Jandric, Craig Iverson, Stephane Oliveira, Ned Halilovic, Andy Gingras, Cam Caforia, Faris Halilovic, Matt Fitzgerald, Frank Martel, Joe Gonillo, Carol Larose, Ron Larose, Jim Bellinghiri, Roland Noel, Eniz Camdzic, Marvin Pritchard, Mike Clark



D1 boys Ryan Gates, John Upham, Scott Dillon, John Woodruff  

D1 girls   Roger Ranz, Sonja Duncan, Ezzedine Fatnassi  

D2 boys Brian Barney, Roland Billings, Mike Caldwell, Frank Martel  

D2 girls Elvir Jandric, Jessica Christian, Mike McCaffrey

D3 boys Scott Slocum, Brian Hurlbert, Mike Nixon

D3 girls Kirk Abrahamson, Jamie Falco, Steve Blongy

D4 boys Tom Cook, Chris Dawes, Jamie Floyd              

D4 girls Gunther Sihler, Chris Buckley, Randal Adams  


Recognition of Twin State Officials for 2018    

Chris Buckley, Gary Sherman, Steve Blongy, Jamie Falco - Girls

Craig Iverson, Bud Laudenslager, Bill Edwards, Greg Hartmann - Boys



Secretary / Treasurer - Joe Gonillo                                                       

Rules Interpreter/State Director of Instruction - Andy Gingras                                   

Vice President - Sonja Duncan

Member at Large - Jamie Falco


Old Business:

VSOA Warm ups – Tom Cook (Ordering opened on 8/10 and closes 8/20)      Q’s - email Tom


New Business:

Changes in By Laws drafted and proposed by ad hoc committee: Bob Fletcher presented- passed

     b. Bylaws changes proposed by Scott West - Inactive motion denied; Doing away with yearly election of VP motion - passed

     c. Discussion about changing meeting date for 2019 - under advisement


Passing of Gavel                                          

Dave Barra acknowledged and thanked Middlebury High School.  We’d love to return.

Gavel Passed from Dave to Bruce Schmidt. Another Father-Son combo (Stew Schmidt ‘69) leading the VSOA   

Meeting Date for 2019: Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fitness Test - run by Frank and Gary


Adjournment- Bruce Schmidt







































V.S.O.A. Annual Meeting Report

9am, Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hartford High School


8:30     Registration / Check in was smooth


9 am     Meeting Called to Order; Welcome by President Cook

Board: President Tom Cook; VP David Barra; MAL Bruce Schmidt; Rules Interpreter Marty Adams; Past President Jessica Christian; ​Sec/Treas​ ​Joe Gonillo

We then observed a moment of silence to honor the passing of our referee brothers and sisters: Dick Stewart, Norm Messier, and Sara Thompson keeping in mind any others in our family who may have passed.

Caleb Magoon, vendor from Power Play Sports, sold reffing gear.

Marty Adams, in his final presentation, gave another informative talk on rules interpretation and changes.  Thank you, Marty, for your time and effort!

We moved to the mini clinics and broke into (3) groups:

The Nuisances of Calling the Game by Frank Martel

The Observations and Training by Craig Iverson

The Importance of the AR position by Gunther Sihler

All clinics were concise and informative.        


After a short break, we heard the President’s Message from Tom Cook.  A review can be found in your directory.

The  Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report followed.  Both were accepted.             


Bruce Schmidt reported on the Scholarship Committee’s work and named scholarship award winners Tara Barney and Justin Morand.  

Bill Duval announced that the Fees & Dues Committee proposed to membership that we continue status quo at $75.  Motion accepted.

Matt Fitzgerald spoke for the Grievance Committee reminding all of the proper procedures for submission.

Craig Iverson is heading up the Training Coordinator’s group with Gary Blodgett and Frank Martel assisting.  $$’s again are allocated this summer/fall for training and assessing.

Gary and Frank then gave their respective assignor’s reports covering topics such as professionalism, uniform and equipment, checking in with your partner the night before your game, giving ample time for kickbacks, keeping track of mileage, arriving early/on time, checking nets for weights, reviewing your schedule, and other information.


Membership accepted probationary members and requests for both active and inactive status for the fall.




Scholarships – Bruce​ ​Schmidt presented Tara Barney and Justin Morand​ ​$500​ ​scholarships.  Thankful​ ​acceptance​ ​letters​ ​were​ ​read​ ​by​ ​proud​ ​fathers.  Congratulations​!

10 Year Award - Bob Richardson, Jay Vallieres, Jessica Christian

20 Year Award - Jim Bellinghiri, Parke Fitzgerald, Dave Barra

25 Year Award - Randal Adams, Scott Ryan

No 50 Year Awards this summer

Dick Stewart Awards honored Parke Fitzgerald (North) and Kyle Wilson (South)

Photos were taken and will be added to our website.

Recognition of Officials Working Semi’s and Finals 2016

NORTH Semi-finals:

Roger Ranz, Stephane Oliveira, Ezz Fatnassi, Elvir Jandric, Dennis Filion, Ryan Gates, Mike McCaffrey, Eric Corredera, Jim Marshia, Mike Clark, Brian Barney, Stu Maynard, Mike Browne, Sonja Duncan, Jessica Christian, Roland Noel, Tucker Myhre, John Woodruff, Shannon Sweet, Darcy LeBlanc, Emmanuel Riby-Williams, Brian Hurlbert, and Roland Billings.

SOUTH Semi-finals:

Mark Paquette Center, George Cook, Christopher Dawes; Kirk Abrahamson; Bud Laudenslager, Jamie Falco, Marty Adams, David Doenges, Randal Adams; Rich Ogilvie, Eric Evans, Steve Blongy; Gunther Sihler, Paul Austin, Randall Dewey; Bruce Schmidt, Scott Ryan, Jeffery Reed.


Division 1 Boys at Burlington

Frank Martel, Marvin Pritchard, Mike Clark, Rick Desorda

Division 1 Girls at Burlington

Kyle Wilson, Paul Austin, Bruce Schmidt, Gary Blodgett

Division 2 Boys at South Burlington HS

Andy Gingras, Jim Bellinghiri, Joe Gonillo, Art Thompson

Division 2 Girls at South Burlington HS

Bob Richardson, Miles Etter, Carol Weston, Art Thompson

Division 3 Boys at Bellows Falls HS

Craig Iverson, Greg Hartmann, Bill Edwards

Division 3 Girls at Bellows Falls HS

Dave Barra, Roland Noel, Elvis Jandric

Division 4 Boys

Rich Ogilvie, Eric Evans, Bud Laudenslager

Division 4 Girls

Chris Buckley, Pat Whalen, Marty Adams


We had no Twin State Officials this summer as NH assigned.


Elections Followed:

           Secretary/Treasurer - Joe Gonillo returns 2nd year                                                                      

           Rules Interpreter - Andy Gingras followed Marty Adams and was voted in by        


           Vice President - Bruce​ ​Schmidt          

           Member at Large - Sonja Duncan    


A discussion of Old Business followed.  Tom Cook once again proposed and offered VSOA warm ups.  Contact Tom with questions.  Reminder to get order in asap.


New Business centered around these topics:

Executive Committee will discuss possibly making members with 35 years of membership eligible as Life Members.

VSOA pink wristbands and/or sweatbands will be available for purchase for Breast Cancer Awareness in October.

VSOA recommends to the VPA that a representative of each school meet with our rules interpreter before the annual meeting each year to discuss new rules.

The Passing of the Gavel followed from outgoing President Cook to Incoming President Dave Barra.                                          


His first order of business after accepting job and responsibilities was to thank and acknowledge Hartford High School for the meeting location.  He now begins the search for next summer’s meeting location.  The 2018 date is Saturday, August 11, 2018.  

Fitness Test and Assessment Meeting were held at the end of our meeting.

Another reminder to complete NFHS Rules Test and submit results to secretary by September 1, 2017.

2018 dues were collected immediately following meeting.




Submitted - Joe Gonillo 8/18/17


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