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 VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020
-VSOA Board Mtg Minutes 11/7/18
-Annual Meeting Minutes August 2018
-VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 4/17
-VSOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/16
-Annual Meeting Minutes 8/13/16
-VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/9/15
-Executive Board Meeting Minutes 7/8/15
-VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/8/15
-VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/2/14
-Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/9/14
-VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/3/13
-VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/11/2013
-Executive Board Meeting 3/17/13 Minutes

VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA Board Mtg Minutes 11/7/18

VSOA Executive Board Meeting


In attendance: P Bruce Schmidt, VP Sonja Duncan, SDI Andy Gingras, S/T Joe Gonillo,

S Assignor Gary Blodgett (non voting member)

Minutes from annual meeting in August - approved

Sec/Treasurer’s Report:

Looking to return to MUHS Sunday August 11, 2019;  Saturday is a go for 2020 if needed.


140 Active members

22 Probationary members

29 Inactive

Some problems with test score reporting as a few officials had trouble copying score report and emailing in results.  This had to be completed by 8/31 as test sight closed 9/1. Assignors needed lists of refs who did not complete tests.  Games could have been pulled.


Fitness test needs to be completed by annual mtg.  That’s the safety net date. Gary and Frank offer 2-3 opportunities at different sites in the summer before the meeting.  Refs are required to pay $25 to VSOA if they need to set up a date post-test. Need to take fitness test, like rules test, to officiate in the fall.


Committees for 2019 remain the same:

Examining/New Officials Clinics:  Craig Iverson, Frank Martel, Gary Blodgett

Fees & Dues: Bill Duval Chair, Mark Paquette, Scott Slocum

Nominating: Dave Barra and Bruce Schmidt

Grievance: Stan Blicharz Chair, Matthew Fitzgerald, Rick Desorda, Randy Dewey

Scholarship: Bruce Schmidt Chair, Andy Aldrich

If you feel you cannot serve, contact your chair ASAP so a replacement can be added.

Reminder you must be active in VSOA to serve.


Secretary will work on an updated scholarship form


Website has been UPDATED.  Ongoing process. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.


Life and Honorary members and Active 50 yr members will be updated soon.


Andy Gingras’  Official Title is SID - State Director of Instruction

Looking to add Andy’s informational emails to website now for 2018 and as sent in 2019



Semi-Finals Officials: (Please check for typo’s and let me know )

Gunther Sihler

Stephen Small

Damon Fulcher


Bud Laudenslager

Randy Dewey

Jason Klump


Jamie Falco

Mike Kinsler

Randall Adams


Kirk Abrahamson

Kyle Wilson

Shawn Bendig


Steve Blongy

Todd Sanderson

Elizabeth Cultrara


Patrick Whalen

Tom Cook

Bob Bayer


Roger Ranz

Brian Hurlbert

Kevin Paskiet


Brian Barney

Elvis Jandric

John Upham


Andy Aldrich

Elvir Jandric

Scott Dillon


Scott Slocum

Tom Stames

Cam Caforia


Ryan Gates

Sonja Duncan

Bill Duval


Jessica Christian

Bill Edwards

Scott Lagasse


Steve Peck

Mike Nixon

Mike Caldwell

Roland Billings


Finals (same here)

D1 boys Andy Gingras, Michael Browne, Greg Hartmann

D1 girls Craig Iverson, Carol Weston, Matt Fitzgerald

D2 boys Bob Richardson, Scott West, Roland Noel

D2 girls Miles Etter, Jim Bellinghiri, Jessica Christian

D3 Boys Jamie Falco, Randy Dewey, Bud Laudenslager    4th official Damon Fulcher

D3 Girls Mike Clark, Marvin Pritchard, Bill Edwards

D4 Boys Bruce Schmidt, Eric Evans, Kyle Wilson            4th official Jason Klump

D4 Girls Chris Buckley, Steve Blongy, Gary Sherman


South Soccer Official of the Year 2018     Jamie Falco

North Soccer Official of the Year 2018 TBA

Insurance paid August 31st

Bank Account as of 11/7 - $2,058.57




Email sent out to pay asap


Section 19.  

Dues.  Dues for active and probationary members shall be set for each year by a majority vote of the active members at the annual meeting.  Dues are to be paid on or before the January 1 following the annual meeting. A late fee of $10 shall be imposed on dues received after January 1 and before February 1.  Dues not paid prior to February 1 shall result in the suspension of the member. Suspended members may appeal to the grievance committee. If the appeal is denied, a suspended member may become active upon passing the written test and field evaluation and otherwise satisfying the qualifications of a probationary member or on such terms as the board of directors may deem appropriate.  Field evaluation and written test may be waived.


Online payment close to happening

One Credit Union, EJ

Thursday AM meeting finalizing paperwork.

Hoping to implement with dues for next season in January.

Instructions will be emailed to membership to make this a smooth transition.

Listed Secretary / Treasurer Joe Gonillo designated person to open accounts on behalf of the VSOA

2019 Annual Meeting:

Sunday August 11, 2019. Looking to return to MUHS 9-1


By Law Review:

Referee attendance at Annual meeting if out of state official


Grievance Committee:

          Meeting attendance protocol

          Attending other states meetings (see above notice)

Close to 30 officials missed mtg and had grievance hearings

Received many early notices and reasons for missing meeting.  I do not judge but simply pass on appeal LETTERS (not emails) with $75 check to GC to rule and decide.  From my experience on GC, some were legit, others not, and some knew they would not have their checks returned.  We had couple of appeals to executive board as well. As a reminder of protocol for those who miss the annual meeting, I send an email with specific bylaws clearly stating process:

Section 10.

Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the members shall be held in August each year, at a time and place to be announced to the members at least thirty days before by email or other reasonable means, for the purpose of electing officers and directors and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting.  The meeting shall be held at the registered office, unless some other place is specified in the annual meeting notice. The meeting may not take place outside Vermont. Active members are required to attend the annual meeting and such other meetings as required by the board of directors with at least ten days notice. A member who fails to attend the annual meeting shall be fined the amount equal to one varsity high school game fee as referee and be ineligible to officiate in any capacity that season unless he/she pays the fine and sends a letter to the secretary within seven days of the annual meeting. If the letter or fine is not sent to the secretary within seven days of the annual meeting, the member shall be suspended for one year, subject to appeal to the board of directors.  If the letter and fine are received, the member shall remain active. If the member seeks to appeal the imposition of the fine, the grievance committee shall review and decide the appeal, subject to appeal to the board of directors. Any member who misses two consecutive annual meetings without an appeal granted shall be expelled from VSOA.

Simple process


Other Business:

Ex C looking to possibly add names to the scholarships awarded ($1000 each) to

recognize long-time contributions of a member.

Discussion on possibly creating young/new referee award.

Headset communication usage discussed - individual decision and purchase


Recommendations to the VPA:

     Overtime rule for playoffs? 2 15’s vs 2 10’s

Set rate for 3-man games; Soccer Coaches collaboration

VSOA reps at VPA Soccer mtg:

Accumulation of Yellow/Red cards; float the idea of coaches taking rules test

Annual Mtg dates and possible changes to its structure going forward.  May help the hassles and grievance issues.

The VPA assignors’ meeting decided to make the officials’ pay $85 in two years, not next year.  

Mileage stays the same.  


Need for sub varsity officials.  Possible lower level membership for those that only want to do sub varsity games.  VSOA could step into that void and aid AD's or sub-varsity assignors with in-house or local officials with mini trainings.   Certification and insurance from us at a lower fee, no patch, and no need to go to Annual Mtg. Would need an oversight person from our association.


*** (Added 11/9)

Mentors dues will only be $50 to thank them for their work during the season.



Joe Gonillo 11/8/2018


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