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INTERESTED in Becoming a Soccer Official in VT? Contact Us.....

Please feel free to browse our web site.  We are always looking for more soccer officials in Vermont. If you are interested in becoming a certified VT high school official please contact one of the following people:

Secretary/Treasurer Joe Gonillo - jgonillo@gmail.com

President Jamie Falco - jamiefalco@comcast.net

Northern Assignor - Frank Martel - fmartel55@yahoo.com 

Southern Assignor Eric Evans-eevansvtlax@gmail.com 

We will provide a rule book, clinical and fitness training, scrimmages, and an organized, annual meeting.



                           Associate Membership to the VSOA  

In 2019 we offered a new level of membership called the Associate Membership.    

The purposes of the new VSOA associate membership level, created in 2019, are as follows:

1 To increase the number of sub-varsity soccer officials 

2  To improve the knowledge and experience of sub-varsity officials.

3  To increase exposure of the VSOA to more possible soccer officials 

4  Mechanism for sub-varsity officials to get support for questions and concerns they may have

5  Provide insurance coverage of sub-varsity officials


         Requirements of Associate Membership of the VSOA:              

1 Fee that covers insurance and oversight

2 Attendance to a training clinic provided by a member of the VSOA   


             The VSOA Executive Committee will appoint regional clinicians for areas of the state to provide clinics at local high schools of community members, high school and college students on the basic Laws of the Game, positioning and common practices for the game of soccer.  These clinicians will also provide on-field positioning techniques for these officials and go over basic calls.  The clinicians will make themselves available by phone and/or email to answer questions for their Associate members and will provide a rule book, information about proper equipment and how to access more knowledge from our website and other resources.  

         The clinician will collect information when possible from schools and associate members about the effectiveness of the program.  

         These clinicians can be under the oversight of the VSOA trainers.  Communication and Flyers should be sent out to all area newspapers and to all high schools about upcoming Associate Officials’ clinics.  Local AD’s should be encouraged to send all interested sub-varsity soccer officials to one of the clinics.


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