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                                     VSOA GUIDELINES FOR MENTORS

                                 (Approved by the Executive Board 11/8/15)


Each new/probationary official is assigned an experienced official as a mentor for the season.  Assignments are made by the either the southern or northern assignor for officials in his region. This VSOA tradition has proven to give new members an easier head start to their officiating careers and provides veteran officials a chance to give back to the sport and their association.


Assignors will send a list mentors and mentees to the VSOA Secretary by Sept. 15.


Mentors should contact or meet their mentee immediately after the assignment is made. Mentees who have not been contacted by their mentors by Sept. 15 should contact their assignor immediately.


The assignor will try to schedule games involving the mentor and mentee. At a minimum there should be one game early in the season and one game later in the season. Another option for a mentor to work with his mentee is sub-varsity games and this may involve coordination between the mentor/mentee and the Athletic Director who is in charge of securing sub-varsity referees.


Mentors must make themselves available to answer questions from the mentee during the season. Both mentors and mentees should “check in” with each other at least every ten days.

A mentor must observe a mentee at least once during the season from the sideline and spend time after the game providing feedback and listening to the mentee’s response. Although this time is for constructive feedback it also a conversation between the mentor and mentee. Post-game written comments are to be sent to the mentee and the assignor within 48 hours of the observation.


It is highly suggested that the mentor contact at least two of the mentee’s partners to query them on what they observed of the mentee during the match and to elicit from them their observations and to obtain their recommendations regarding the mentee’s progress as an official.


At the conclusion of the season, but no later than Dec. 1, the mentor will send a written summary regarding the mentee, preferably by email, that will include the mentor’s recommendation of accepting the new member or not into the VSOA to the VSOA Secretary, the assignor, and the mentee.


That summary and recommendation will include:

a)      Times and locations the mentor worked with and observed the mentee.

b)      Observations on strengths and weaknesses of the mentee including but not limited to appearance/uniform, mobility and fitness, rule knowledge, professionalism, judgment, signals, mechanics and positioning, game management, comfort level with Dual and/or Diagonal systems, hustle, and communication with coaches, players, and fellow officials.

c)      This electronic written summary may be in the form of a current USSF or NISOA assessment form or can be on a different form as long as it holds all of the components to a sound and objective assessment. A sample form is supplied below.


Once on-field work is completed, observations have occurred, and the proper documentation is received on time by the VSOA Secretary, the mentor’s annual dues will bereduced for the following year by $25. This waiver will be granted regardless of whether the mentee continues as a member.


VSOA Mentoring Form

Assessments due on or before December 1st

Please submit all Assessments at one time, at the end of the season.


Mentor:                                                Mentee:

Date of Match:                         

Home Team:                          Away Team:


Boys/Girls Match:                            Division:


Reffing Partner:


Working Checklist for each Observation

Key: 1 = Excellent,  2 = Very Good,  3 = Good,  4 = Fair,  5 = Poor


Appearance:  ______         Demeanor:  ______    Mechanics: ______    Positioning: ______   Fitness: _______



Knowledge of Rules: ______   Game Management: ______    Communications with: Other Official: ____

                                                                                                                                                         Coaches: ____

                                                                                                                                                           Players: ____        


  Overall Rating:  ______
























Would you recommend this New Official,                                 _______ , be accepted into the VSOA: Yes or No




Signed: __________________________________________                 Date: _______________________


Date Submitted to: Assignor –

                              New Official –

                              VSOA Secretary -




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