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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/11/2013

Notes/Minutes VSOA Annual Meeting 8/11/2013

Meeting called to order by President Kirk Abrahamson at 9:15 am Sunday Aug. 11 at Mt.Abraham High School in Bristol. Special thanks to Mt. Abe and to Rick Desorda for help in organizing. Thanks also to John Pedone of Tosssports in Rutland for providing gear for sale.

Rules Interpreter Joe O’Brien went over the new rules. He also emphasized the requirement for officials to dress alike with the same VSOA patch (No college or USSF patches) and white-striped black socks only, no sunglasses and no jewelry except for a wedding band. “Except for your watch, wear what the players wear.” Joe also said to check the VPA websitewww.vpaonline.org to review the Soccer Guide for 2013. Eric Evans gave a brief presentation on Persistent Infringement and Sonja Duncan gave one on recruiting and keeping new women officials. Joe O’Brien announced that this fall season would be his last as Rules Interpreter. The VSOA Board is now actively seeking applications from those interested in this position. Many thanks to Joe for his years of service.

Awards:  Congratulations to the recipients of the Dick Stewart Outstanding
Official Award. This award is presented to the highest rated official in
both the South and the North. Officials can only earn this award once in his/her career.  Dick Stewart was on hand to present these awards to Bob Fletcher (North) and Bob Abrahamson (South). Abe also received a watch for 50 years of service to VSOA in a presentation by Stew Schmidt.  Vermont Soccer Coaches Association 2012 Official of the Year Award went to John Woodruff.  VSOA 25-year recognitions went to Miles Etter and John Woodruff.

Scholarship Recipients: Randy Dewey announced that each student received $1000 through a special gift made by Stew Schmidt last year in celebration of VSOA’s 50th birthday: Ashley Cook, Megan Neet, Haleigh West, Anissa Hartmann, and Wyatt LaRose

Mugs/Glasses distributed to those officials who worked semi-finals and finals in 2012.

Finals Officials:  

D I boys: Marvin Pritchard & Dave Barra
D III boys: Roland Noel   & Jim Marshia
D I girls: Bob Fletcher & Mike Clark
D II girls: Stu Maynard & John Woodruff
D III girls: Scott Slocum & Joe Gonillo

Div IV Girls: Jamie Falco & Gary Blodgett,

Div IV Boys: Marty Adams & Steve Small

Div II Boys: Scott Allen & Rich Ogilvie

Treasurer’s Report. Approved by voice vote of the membership

Special Olympics: No report

President’s Report: Kirk Abrahmson said that he had responded to a request from CVU in particular and the Vermont Soccer Coaches in general about the feasibility of using the Diagonal System of Control (3-man game) when requested by schools and/or on playoff games. Kirk said he responded by saying the VSOA would look into this, but that such games would be more costly for the schools (i.e. the 2 x $75 fee would NOT be split three ways). The VSOA Board is now actively seeking applications from those interested in serving on a Committee to study the feasibility and ramifications of using this system in VSOA and VPA games.

Sec-Tres. Report. Pete Roach announced that after 18 years serving in this position he was resigning after one year of his three-year term effective immediately due to work and time constraints. All of us owe Pete a hearty Thank You for the many duties he oversaw each year. Also a special Thanks to his wife Annette who helped with registration on many occasions. The VSOA Board is now actively seeking applications from those interested in this position.

Nominating Committee. On behalf of the Committee Andy Gingras nominated Miles Etter to be the new Member-at-Large and Frank Martel to fill the Secretary-Treasurer vacancy. In the discussion that followed, Eric Evans pointed out that under Article IV (c) it is the job of the Board of Directors to fill all vacancies on the Board that occur during the year (mid term). Andy then revised his motion to include only Miles Etter as Member-at-Large and this nomination was approved by membership vote. Pete Roach asked for a straw vote to gauge membership interest in Frank’s filling the Sec.-Tres. vacancy and the ensuing vote demonstrated good support. New VSOA President Scott West said that the Board would take this information into consideration when it decides on a replacement for Pete.

President Kirk Abrahamson passed the gavel onto this year’s Incoming President Scott West.

To illustrate the need to recruit more officials, Scott requested that the membership stand when their age category was called.

Ø      29 years and younger: 4

Ø      30 -39: ~25

Ø      40-49: ~ 25

Ø      50 and older: TOO MANY TO COUNT!!

The VSOA is an aging group as seen in the illustration and should we not act and continue to act on recruiting and keeping these officials in the organization, high school soccer officials could be in a great deal of trouble in the future!!This is the main reason for all of us to go out and recruit good young men and women to become high school soccer officials.

Assignors: The new assignor for the South chosen by the Marble Valley League will be Gary Blodgett who replaces Terry Harlow who stepped down due to health reasons. Frank Martel will continue to assign the North.

Twin State Cup: Castleton will host this event in 2014 and 2015. The two games in 2013 were held at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH and staffed by NH officials.

Mileage. Starting this fall mileage will rise from 41 cents/mile to 50 cents/mile.

Educational Websites. The 2013 Federation New Rules for Soccer 28-minute video can be seen at nfhs.org. Other websites that you might explore for training purposes: ussoccer.com/referees, fifa.com refereeing page, nisoa.com (has excellent video clips), Bigsoccer.com Referee Forum, and askasoccerreferee.com. Remember that these sites focus on FIFA Laws or NCAA rules.

Grievances: Letters and fines (one varsity game fee) for missing either the annual meeting or the physical fitness test must be received by Pete by this August 18.

Incoming Board of Directors:

President: Scott West

Vice President: Eric Evans

Member-at-Large: Miles Etter

Sec.-Tres: TBA

Rules Interpreter: Joe O’Brien

Past President: Kirk Abrahamson

Meeting Adjourned 12:20 pm.


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