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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 11/3/13

VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Fall Meeting November 3rd, 2013

Executive Board Members present: Scott West, Eric Evans, Kirk Abrahamson, Marty Adams, Miles Etter.

I.The meeting was called to order by Scott at 10 am.

II. Miles submitted resignation for member at large role and board accepted.

III. Miles reported on transition with Pete. Banking is set for transfer with signing of account documents today. New account is established with TD North bank. This provides proximity for Miles, Scott, and Eric, necessary for multiple signatures for large checks. An amount of $1000.00 will be left in People’s Bank, to allow for completion of outstanding business. This will be closed as business concludes. Reported on the transfer of merchandise, (shirts, patches, hats, mugs, ect.), books, directories and other materials. Working on organizing everything and engaging more effectively, efficiently and promptly to responsibilities the position serves.

IV. Scott made a motion to go into executive session for member issues at 10:15 am. Miles seconded and vote was unanimous. Scott adjourned executive session at 10:25 am.

Shawna Riley was granted inactive status. Discussion about concerns of Mike Caldwell’s letter regarding increased training, instruction, and testing at annual meeting. Also discussion of background checks. Scott is to meet with Bob Johnson and consult legal expertise.

V. The board addressed selection of board replacement, member at large, for Miles and committee needs.

                Discussion of candidates for member at large. Motion was made for Jessica Christian by Eric and seconded by Kirk. Vote was unanimous for Jessica to be our member at large. Congratulations Jessica!

                Grievance Committee was discussed. Process reviewed and good work of current committee acknowledged. Request by committee members to return was supported unanimously. Stan Blicharz, Matt Fitzgerald, Rick Desorda, and Joe Gonillo. A replacement for Paul Austin, thank for your service, was discussed. A motion for Terry Harlow was made by Miles and seconded by Kirk. Terry was unanimously approved.

                By Laws Committee discussion. The tasks for this year’s committee were recognized as great. The return of committee member’s was supported. Bill Duval, David Blythe, Dave Barra, John Witalec, and Bob Fletcher. Discussion to add a member to committee occurred. A motion to add Frank Halden was made by Miles and seconded by Kirk. Frank was unanimously approved.

                Scholarship Committee discussion centered on good work, amounts for scholarships, and maintaining two members from both north and south. Randy Dewey was unanimously supported to continue and the need to replace Dave Pierce, thanks for your service. A motion was made for Ed Deegan, Kurt Hagis, and Terry Harlow to join the scholarship committee by Eric Evans and seconded by Marty. Ed, Kurt, and Terry were unanimously approved.

                Fees and Dues Committee has been served by Bill Duval and Pete Roach. A motion for Miles to replace Pete was made by Marty and seconded by Eric. Miles was unanimously approved.

                Written Exam Committee discussion focused on process and administration. Review with Frank Martel of process and needs will be undertaken and a follow up with committee at spring meeting.

                Nominating Committee discussion reviewed process and responsibilities. Marty motioned for the outgoing president and the previous president to serve this committee. This was seconded by Kirk and unanimously approved. 

VI. Miles and Scott updated board on the checking account. Scott had worked on the People’s account and Miles, along with Scott, have arranged for a new account with TD North Bank. A balance of $1000.00 remains in the People’s account for completing outstanding business. The new account was chosen for proximity for current board members and will be activated this week. Balance from People’s, $10,500.00 will be deposited. Miles will follow up with Pete for clarification of outstanding business and any other documentation. Discussion about having professional review books for feedback on the system and managing books, led to a decision for the board to revisit these concerns after Miles has had time to work with the books and the change-over process settles.

VII. The executive board decided grievance information, (filed grievances, accepted and rejected), shall be shared with the board.

VIII. Miles presented concerns about the collection of dues through the VSOA for both VSOA membership and NISOA membership. Discussion ensued and a motion was made by Marty to continue to collect dues for the VSOA and NISOA this year and discontinue collecting NISOA dues through the VSOA treasurer beginning 2014. Kirk seconded and the motion was unanimously approved. Miles will communicate with Bill and Pete regarding this process.

IX. Scott proposed the spring meeting take place Sunday March 9th at Randolph Chamber of Commerce Office at 10 am. Board agreed with the meeting time and place.

The Annual Membership meeting was also discussed.  The meeting in August is tentatively scheduled for Vergennes. There was much discussion about more education and training for the meeting and less recognition time. Numerous suggestions were discussed and will be explored prior then discussed at the spring meeting. Scott reiterated that the Vergennes site will provide better facilities for educational opportunities and will continue to clarify this site.

X.  Miles introduced discussion for creating separate positions for secretary and treasurer. The board agreed to bring this to the By Laws Committee with board approval.

XI. Scott discussed the ability to vote by email and the need for that  language to be in the bylaws. The board agreed and Eric will contact bylaws committee regarding this need.

XII. Discussion about the Dick Stewart Award and sportsmanship awards.

XIII. Brief discussion about minimizing the North vs South mindset and becoming a more unified VSOA organization.

XIV. Discussion about the process for active members to go inactive and then to go active again. Member’s may remain inactive as long as dues are paid and may go active with membership and insurance dues paid as well as other requirements met. The assignor will be responsible for utilizing the reactivated official appropriately.

XV. Reviewed the roles and duties of members of the executive board. Eric and Scott had compiled job descriptions for needed positions. Job descriptions appear to cover roles and will be looked and added to when necessary.

XVI. Discussion on Three Person Officiating. Marty reported on information gathering and plans to talk with the VPA Soccer committee. Will keep board updated.

XVII. Discussed having a member of VSOA at the Vermont Soccer Coaches meeting. Marty committed to attend.

XVIII. Marty also stated he would attend the VPA Soccer Committee meeting.

XIX. Discussed the web site, fees, current usage, and possible usage. Miles will work on this and kep board informed.

XX. Evans will communicate with the Bylaws Committee.

XXI. Evaluations for officials was tabled for spring meeting.

XXII. Discussion about mentoring system.

XXIII. Discussion about late dues and missing meetings. Board agreed that after the February 1stdeadline an appeal could be made to the executive board.

XXIV. General discussion about the role, responsibilities, who they are responsible to, payment and connection with the VSOA.

XXV. Discussed the problem of recruitment several ideas were presented and it was agreed that all members should continually reach out to recruit for future members.

XXVI. Discussion about workshops Frank provides for new officials.

XXVII. Discussed Assignment of Officials for Twin State games. Games will be at Castleton next two years, 2014 and 2015. Frank and Gary will assign.

XXVIII. Discussion explored the role of rules interpreter and confirmed a position on the executive board as a voting member.

XXIX. Eric discussed concussion training and conversations with Bob Johnson. Looking to provide mass training at annual meeting and options for those not in attendance. Eric will continue to work this out and revisit at spring meeting.

XXX. Scott will meet with Bob Johnson regarding background checks and policies and will bring back information to the executive board.

XXXI. Eric brought up the need to inform and remind members to stay away from social media and to be responsible when engaging in conversations about players, coaches, parents, fans, and anyone else.

XXXII. Scott plans to meet again with Bob Johnson regarding numerous concerns. He will keep executive board informed.

XXXIII. Discussed Special Olympics and assigning officials for a small fee. Will revisit and confirm expectations. Discussion and regarding checking policy for large checks. Marty motioned that checks of $1000.00 or more would require two signatures. Kirk seconded and the board unanimously approved. Discussed the idea of a high school jacket for officials. Will revisit in the spring.

XXXIV. Scott adjourned meeting at 2:55 pm.

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