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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/9/14

Executive Board Meeting

Randolph, Vt. Chamber of Commerce

Sunday March 9th, 2014

Executive Board Members Present: Kirk Abrahamson, Marty Adams, Jessica Christian, Eric Evans, Scott West, Miles Etter; Others present: Frank Martel and Gary Blodgett by phone

I. Scott called the meeting to order at 10:00am

II. General discussion around visit with Assignors.

III. The EB met with Gary and Frank. They shared responsibilities, parameters, and challenges of their jobs as assignors. Discussed assigning officials, recruitment of officials, fitness testing, familiarizing themselves with officials and ways to improve officiating.

Agenda items were tabled to address officials concerns with Frank and Gary.

XV. Discussion about Diagonal System of Control centered around 3 Person Officiating Committee's report. Conversation focused on potential coverage needed, availability of officials for requests for DSC, training for DSC, and recommended fees. Talked about implementation, timetable, training, and other considerations. This will be an on-going discussion for the near future.

XVI. Marty committed to being the VSOA representative at the Vermont Soccer Coaches meetings. Scott will also be in attendance at this meeting.

XX. Gary and Frank talked about their evaluation methods. They implement their evaluations differently, but strive for similar assessment points. Compared with other sports, officials' assessments face common challenges. Frank and Gary are talking about this and are looking at ways to improve the evaluation process.

XXV. Concussion Certification was confirmed as mandatory to officiate. Availability of certification methods and practicality was explored, along with a time frame that would allow officials eligibility for the season. Eric is working with the VPA to find the best way to accommodate our situation. Also best way to inform members of training.

XXVI. Final discussion with Frank and Gary, entailed an Annual Rules Test. Talked about it's current non-mandatory status in the by laws. It has been optional. Discussed other states and other sports practices. It will become strongly recommended this year and mandatory next year to take a rules test. Availability and deadlines for completion will be determined.

III. Miles shared the status of transition with Pete. Banking changes are in place and working and records and responsibilities are being brought up to date.

IV. Member specific topics were discussed. This included an update of the discussion about the VPA's policy on background checks for officials and a members active - inactive status.

V. Scott updated the board on the Member at Large and the Vice President positions per the by laws committee meeting. Clarification is in the by laws revision.

VI. Miles gave a financial update, discussing current balance and expenses forthcoming.

VII. Grievance Update is forthcoming.

VIII. Miles reported that Dave Barra assumed responsibility for NISOA business. This separates financial matters for NISOA and the VSOA.

IX. Scott talked about discussion with the By-Laws Committee regarding changing the Secretary/Treasurer position to the Secretary and the Treasurer positions in the By-Laws an what this would allow and how this could benefit the VSOA on the whole.

X. There was an update with information about email voting. It's legal acceptance is not finalized, but appears headed there in future legislation.

XI. Discussion about the Dick Stewart Award and Officials of the Year

Awards. Conversation about shifting awards that led to decision to keep in place for now.

XII. Returned to discussion about continuing to unify North - South - USSF- NISOA - and VSOA around promoting the best for the game of soccer.

XIII. Continued briefly with conversation about Inactive Officials, length of time inactive and returning to active status.

XIV. The title of Executive Board will be changed to Board of Directors in By-Laws revision. Job descriptions have been written and will be double checked and put in place.

XVII. Marty confirmed he will attend the VPA Soccer Meeting this spring.

XVII. Miles is looking to improve website and is working on that. Many ideas for updating and adding.

XIX. Scott reviewed the highlights of the By-Laws Committee's work.

XXI. Discussion about the need for continued improve with our mentoring system. Training trainers to train and working with Frank and Gary to recruit and provide good mentors.

XXII. Brief discussion about the importance of VSOA commitment, late dues, missing meetings, fitness levels, testing and striving to bring our best.

XXIV. Marty reported on plans for the meeting and continuing to education and communicate with officials during the season.

XXVII. Discussion about smart engagement and non-engagement with social media. Our role requires good discernment.

XXVIII. Other business included:

John Pedone's closed business and replacing the availability of equipment he provided. Appears we have a person to fill his service.

Discussion of changing the recognition process, reducing time and awards.

Finding someone interested in coordinating Special Olympics, assigning and reducing the costs.

Scholarship discussion determined we would award two $500.00 scholarships annually unless generosity, as demonstrated this past year, permitted more.

Discussion of New Member at Large.

A brief discussion was held regarding VSOA jackets for all VSOA officials.

Mandatory Annual personal fitness appraisal;

* The Assignors (Frank & Gary) will have the sites, dates, and times available to the membership early this summer. So be on the lookout for those sites, dates, and times.

*College Officials - VSOA Officials that are also college officials may use their physical fitness results in place of the mandatory VSOA requirements. The site coordinators/facilitators for the college tests will notify the VSOA Secretary/Treasurer, Miles Etter, of all the participants who passed the college test. If your name does not appear on that list, you will then not be eligible to officiate high school games in the fall.

XXIX. Scott adjourned the meeting at 1:47 pm.

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