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9am: Call to order by VSOA President Scott West

Announcements: 1. Joe Gonillo has jayvee scrimmages in the north he needs to assign. Pls. call Joe if interested.                                    2. Dave Barra requested a meeting of NISOA officials at the end of the VSOA meeting. 3. Special thanks to Caleb Magoon of Power Play Sports for his equipment vending efforts and to John Pedone for past services.

9:10am: Moment of silence for  Keith Page a VSOA official since 2000 who died this past year and for Michael            O’Malley a VSOA official since 1995 who died in 2012.

9:15am: Plaque presented by Bill Duval to Pete Roach, VSOA Sec./Tres. for 18 years. Plaque presented by Dave Zehnacker to Joe O’Brien, VSOA Rules Interpreter for 25 years. Standing ovation for both gentlemen for their long service to the Association.

9:25am: Rules Interpreter Marty Adams reviewed the relatively few rule changes this year. If a player is injured and the clock is stopped the player must be removed. The goalie must be replaced. A field player may be replaced. If a team chooses to play "a person down" (not likely to happen in NFHS play, but could happen) the player may return at the next stoppage in play. When addressing a potential stoppage of the clock for a goalie, take a bit of extra time before deciding to stop the clock. Marty reiterated that on a PK the kicker must maintain “continuous forward motion” throughout the approach to the ball. “Stutter-Stepping” in which a kicker comes to a brief stop with one or more steps is not allowed and will result in a re-kick (page 72 in the rulebook). Weaving on the approach to the ball is legal. At game’s end, officials will decide whether or not their presence is needed during the handshake. Referees must dress alike and the recommended shirt color is either the new black or the gold. Marty said that the VPA Soccer Committee would like the VSOA officials not to be the “fashion police” with regard to small irregularities with regard to uniforms: if it can be fixed prior to the game with little fuss, then do so; otherwise play the game and send the information that night to the assignor who will take it up with the school’s AD.

    Each week during the season Marty will send out a Pointers/Quiz/Bulletin to all members. This will also be posted onwww.vermontsoa.com (our website) under “From the Rules Interpreter.”

9:45am: Educational Mini Clinics for 10 minutes each to small groups led by Jess Christian (Pre and Post Game),             Kirk Abrahamson (Game Management) and Marty Adams (2-Person Mechanics).

10:30am: Break with special thanks to Kurt Haigis and Don Culver.

10:50: President’s Message. Scott West thanked the Board for their efforts during a year of great transition and to           Bill Duval for his wisdom during this transition. Scott announced that the VSOA is now represented by Marty Adams (non voting) at the spring VPA Soccer Committee meetings. Scott warned of the pitfalls of using social media to post           information about games, situations, teams, etc. He encouraged VSOA members to be proactive and vigilant about           their dues and keeping a record of checks paid, etc. He reinforced the fact that if you arrive at a game that is not held and you have not been informed beforehand, then your fee is $37.50 plus mileage. Finally, he said that the VPA confirmed that a red card may not be overturned except by the official who issued it.

Special Olympics: The Ex. Board is seeking both a volunteer(s) to organize the referees and referees for the Special Olympics, a pro bono event for officials. Please contact Eric Evans if interested.

Scholarship Award. Terry Harlow announced that this year’s recipient is Michele Upham, daughter of VSOA member John Upham. Michele is currently a student at Colby-Sawyer. John read her thank-you letter to the membership.

Treasurer’s Report: Miles Etter provided handouts at the meeting. The report was approved by the membership.           

Secretary’s Report. Miles Etter said membership numbers have stayed stable: Currently 173 active, 15 inactive, and 13 probationary for a total of 201.                        

Nominating: Kirk Abrahamson and Scott West nominated Tom Cook to serve as the new Member at Large.

Dues: After discussion on the pros and cons, members voted to approve Bill Duval’s motion to reduce the dues for this year from $100 to $75.

 Grievance: Stan Blicharz  spoke about a very small number of officials who “work the system” to avoid                                the fitness test and then accept a full schedule of games after their “injury” heals. This led to much discussion about a solution, but with no resolution other than the Ex. Board will examine the entire issue of the fitness test and compliance this fall at their meeting 11/2/14.

DSC System of Control/Diagonal. Steve Lunna said the DSC’s Committee’s report is posted on the VSOA                              website and was sent to the VPA. Marty Adams reported that the VPA has no plans to implement the DSC for playoff games, but schools or leagues my request three officials from the  assignor(s) during the regular system. Both assignors indicated this would be a very small number of schools (perhaps 3 teams in the north on 2-3 games in their schedule and no teams in the south). With this limited need for DSC-trained officials, and with a significant                                 percentage of USSF- and NISOA-trained officials among the VSOA ranks, it was suggested by Marty Adams that we proceed slowly and carefully into DSC training. For the immediate short-term training, Marty and Steve both recommended joining USSF. Members voted to approve a motion by Frank Martel that the Ex. Board write a letter to the VPA recommending the use of the DSC on all 2014 Finals. An amendment presented by Jamie Floyd to postpone this request to the Finals in 2015 was defeated.

Inactive Status: Members voted to approve a list of those requesting inactive status presented by Miles Etter: Bob Lance, John Finnigan, Mark Royer, Joe Batista, Marty Boles, John Zehnacker, Paul Austin, Bob Kathan, Mary Slater, Bill Thurber, J. Trippany, Everett Yelton, Mike Brown, and Marty Brooks.

Active Status:  Ron Svec was accepted from inactive status to active status.

Probationary Members: Matt Thorton, Shannon Sweet, Jim Shea, Mike McCadle, Scott Nunn, Karina Martin,                               Aleksandr Levan, Kaelyn Murray, John Wyckoff, Stephanie Olivera, John Finnety, Dryana Wyckoff, Nemont Ghising, Ethan Bladwin, Kyle Wilson, Terry Boone, and Chris Buckley were all accepted as active members.

10-Year Awards:  Bruce Allen and Brian Hurlbert

Quarter Century:   Mike Clark, Dave Clark, and Matt Fitzgerald.

Dick Stewart Award: Steve Lunna for the north and Eric Evans for the south.

Officials who worked semis in 2014: K. Abrahamson, P. Whalen, E. Evans, G. Sherman, R. Ogilvie, T. Cook,                                 J. Witalec, S. Allen, M. Adams, J. Falco, S. Slocum, C. Iverson, B. Fletcher, J. Gonillo, B. Stuart, M. Fitzgerald, M. Clark, M. Pritchard, S. Maynard, S. West, J. Floyd, D. Blythe, R. Desorda, R. Gates, J. Christian, J. O’Brien, J. Marshia, R. Noel, B. Richardson,  M. Nixon, J. Woodruff, M. Wood.

Finals Officials:   D1 Boys: Andy Gingras and Keith Collins

                              D1 Girls:  Parke Fitzgerald and Perry Smith

                              D2 Girls:  Jamie Falco and Patrick Whalen

                              D2 Boys:  Miles Etter and Roland Billings

                              D3 Boys:  Dennis Filion and Jim Bellinghiri

                              D3 Girls:  Roger Ranz and Corinna Hussey

                              D4 Girls:  Marty Adams and Dave Doenges

                              D4 Boys:  Eric Evans and Gary Sherman

By Laws Vote: The new By Laws were approved and have been posted on the VSOA website.

Passing of the Gavel: Incoming President Eric Evans spoke briefly about Scott West’s leadership during a period of great transition for the VSOA and then called on all VSOA members to seek ways to improve their officiating and gave specific suggestions on how to do this so that we best serve the players and coaches.

Thank You:  to custodians and Peter Maneen, AD at Vergennes HS.

Next Annual Meeting: Sunday August 9, 2015 at Rutland High School

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

As recorded by Eric Evans, VSOA President.

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