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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 3/8/15

MAY 16, 2015

. Fitness tests 2015

   June 24 Bellows Falls Soccer Field 6pm (Gary Blodgett)
   July 21  Johnson State College 5pm (Frank Martel)
   July 26  Arlington Soccer Field 6pm (Gary)
   July 30  Foster Park Essex  5:30 pm (Frank)
   Aug. 4   Rutland High Scoccer Field 6pm (Gary)
   Aug. 9   Annual Meeting Castleton State College (Gary and Frank)

It is highly recommended that you take the fitness test BEFORE the
annual meeting to avoid a logjam at Castleton.

2. Lions Twin State All-Star Games July 18 Castleton State College

   Congratulations to the officials working these games:
   Girls Game 4pm: Bob Fletcher, Joe Gonillo, Ryan Gates
   Boys Game 6:30 pm: Gunther Sihler, Bud Laudenslager, Tom Cook.

3. VPA Soccer Committee Meeting
   Marty Adams and Scott West represented the VSOA at this
Committee's recent annual meeting. Not a great deal of news to report
but some items did arise:
    a). Committee would like to continue having the VPA use the DSC
for state finals. Use of the DSC on other tournament games and
regular-season games will be at the discretion of the host school. ADs
were  concerned that if the use of DSC during a busy day means that a
JV game is left with only one official then the assignor should go
back to Dual to make sure all games are covered.
    b) ADs and coaches would like a more formal way of assessing officials.
    c) ADs like the printed Directory the VSOA provides.

4. 2015 NFHS rulebooks
   The new rulebooks will be mailed this week to all VSOA members so
that they can use them when the required NFHS Soccer Rules Test opens on June 1.


APRIL 10, 2015

Dear VSOA Members:   

Here are the minutes from your Executive Board’s meeting in March.

Below are some significant pieces you will need to know for the future:

The Annual Meeting Scheduled for Sunday, August 9th at 9 AM has a new location:

                             Castleton State College

Rule books will be mailed to you later this spring. You will need to take the mandated online Rules test this year. It will open June 1st and close September 1st. You will receive reminders and directions prior to this.

It is also recommended you take the NFHS online concussion test. You will  receive reminders and directions for this also.

VSOA Scholarships applications are due May 1st. I have had requests for forms from several members.

Fitness dates will be available later this spring.

Please encourage people you have met with interest in officiating high school soccer to contact Frank Martel or Gary Blodgett.

Our VSOA website will contain much of this information. If your personal information has changed or is incorrect, please let me know. If you have questions or concerns please contact me.

Miles Etter

VSOA Secretary/Treasurer

Vermont Soccer Officials Association

Executive Board Meeting

Woodstock, Vermont

Sunday March 8th, 2015

Executive Board Members Present: Marty Adams, Jessica Christian (via phone), Tom Cook, Eric Evans, Scott West, Miles Etter; Others present: Frank Martel, Gary Blodgett (via phone)

Eric began the meeting at 10:05 am.

I. Eric motioned for approval of  Minutes from 11/2/14 Meeting. Seconded by Scott. Vote was 5 - 0 in favor.

II. Eric tabled treasurers report as Miles was not yet in attendance. Discussion by Scott about having an accountant check the books with Miles to advise on current practices. Marty motioned that Miles contact CPA and VSOA member Bob Buzzell about reviewing books and negotiating dues in lieu of service. Tom seconded. Vote 5 - 0 in favor

III. Eric tabled dues update as Miles was not yet in attendance.

IV. Discussion about possible separation of Treasurer and Secretary positions. It was recommended that job descriptions on the website reflected  the two jobs were distinct and could be held by one person.

V. Discussion regarding signees on the checking account. Miles and Scott are currently authorized to sign checks and no checks over $1000.00 are to be signed without two signees. It was suggested that the past president should be a signor along with the treasurer. After discussion, Miles motioned that the past president would be a designated signor along with the treasurer. Eric seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

VI. It was noted that Eric will update the VSOA website roster with Miles updated information.

VII. Scott discussed the information provided in the directory and continuing to print the directory. It was determined that we would provide the VSOA information, (contact and year entered and years served only), and not official's other affiliations. We have tried to minimize information printed in the directory to keep cost minimal and to provide officials with a reference for contacting officials, especially when on the road. Other information previously printed will be available on the website, which has been continually updated and expanded with more information. Marty motioned to continue printing the directory with only basic VSOA information. Tom seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

VIII. Scott presented feedback regarding recognition at the Annual Meeting. There was support for the effort to minimize the time with a different process that we used, There was concern regarding lack of acknowledgement for 25 year members. After discussion Eric motioned that we allow 25 year members a chance to address the membership for several minutes and also re-acknowledge last year's recipients and allow them a chance to speak. We will also continue with engraved mug as award. Miles seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

IX. Scott discussed the possibility of having a guest speaker, different possibilities and topics for them to address. Eric motioned that the EB look into an outside speaker for the future. Miles seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

X. Eric presented the request to make Gerry Gingras a VSOA Life Member. Short discussion followed. Eric motioned for Gerry to become a VSOA Life Member. Tom seconded. Vote 6 - 0 in favor. Congratulations Gerry!

XI. Eric presented a request for the VSOA Scholarship to be named after a member of the VSOA. Discussion centered around naming the scholarship after an official. There were positive reasons and some concerning reasons considered.  It was motioned by Eric to continue to have the scholarships called the VSOA Scholarship, but explore other ways to allow members to be recognized in conjunction with these awards. Marty seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

XII. Eric requested a reminder for the May 1st deadline for application for the Scholarship. Miles reported he'd had a brief conversation with Kurt Haigis regarding the scholarship and the committee's work. He will follow up and report back to Eric.

XIII. Eric opened discussion about the VPA Soccer Meeting. Concerns regarding the future of the DSC were shared from Bob Johnson's perspective of the VPA and Frank shared some thoughts from the AD's and the future use of this method. Marty and Scott will go to the spring meeting.

XIV. Eric discussed the mandated rules test. Process, beginning and ending dates, and reiterating no minimum scores, were the focus with input from Frank and Gary. Eric motioned that we open the test June 1st and close the test September 1st. Miles seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

XV. Eric wants to continue to mail rule books. Discussion about the necessity and other possible ways to address the need to have rule books for test. Eric motioned that he would mail the rule books. Scott seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

XVI. Tom presented a fitness test for the VSOA. Discussion about requirement of test, the test and scoring, availability, and use by assignors. Marty motions to accept and use the test this year. Miles seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor. Frank will try to add a site or two this year.

XVII. Eric shared that the VPA was not requiring concussion course for soccer officials. Discussion about situations where and why training should be completed. VSOA will continue to highly recommend online training course for officials.

XVIII. Scott presented feedback on concerns regarding process and helpfulness of evaluations. Frank and Gary both addressed these areas and it was agreed by all that we should encourage feedback among officials after games. Miles reminded all that there was money set aside for evaluations. Eric motioned to keep evaluations, to encourage communication between refs, pre-game and post game, and continue designating money for assessments' for officials. Miles seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

XIX. Discussion about the assignments for finals ensued. Frank and Gary both shared processes and difficulties to provide officials for these games. It was recommended that assignors continue to make the best officials available for these games.

XX. Scott requested to table the Dick Stewart discussion award. Eric tabled this item.

XXI. Eric entertained discussion about preseason clinics for Dual and DSC methods of officiating. Lengthy discussion about availablity of situations for early preseason officiating and trainers for these clinics. Eric motioned that Gary, Marty. and Frank come up with clinics to provide training for DSC and Dual methods for officiating. Scott seconded. Vote was 6 - 0 in favor.

XXII. Discussion about new officials clinics, dates and locations was addressed by Gary and Frank. They are going to work on offering sooner, in an attempt to have officials attend annual meeting, but are limited by field situations provided by school scrimmages. They will work on dates and times and communicate this through VSOA website and VPA communication links.

XXIII. Eric discussed preliminary plans for the August meeting. Scott has secured Power Play Sports to be in attendance again this year, Eric will plan small group sessions again. Eric will confirm facilities provisions.

XXIV. Gary and Frank will make dates available for fitness soon.

II. Miles presented the Treasurer's Report which briefly indicated a current balance of $15,646.96. Estimated expenses through the year until our annual meeting are $13,000. The balance estimated to be $2,646.96. Last year's decision to reduce amount for dues appears to be successful for meeting our needs. Will revisit prior to meeting.

III. Miles reported that membership dues were collected from 155 members.

Eric adjourned meeting at 1:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Miles Etter

VSOA Secretary

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