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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA Annual Meeting Minutes 8/9/15

Vermont Soccer Officials Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Sunday August 9th, 2015

Castleton University Fine Arts Building

Meeting was called to order @ 9am by President Eric Evans.

Announced the agenda for the meeting.

Eric introduced the current VSOA Officers:

President – Eric Evans

Vice President – Jessica Christian

Sec/Trea – Miles Etter

Rules Interpreter – Marty Adams

Member at Large – Tom Cook


Eric reminded the members of the need to check in and out today… especially the late arrivals.

www.vermontsoa.com  roster is accessible with the following password:  vtsoa2014

Caleb Magoon, Power Play Sports, has Soccer gear available for purchase in the Lobby.

Rule Interpretations: Marty Adams, Rules Interpreter, discussed the new NFHS Soccer Rules for 2015. Few rules changes/points of emphasis. Game control is important tool in preventing issues and situations from arising. Tapes on sox need to be color coordinated however “we are not uniform Police” so uniform issues should not prevent the match from being played…speak with the coach about the rule. Various substitution (injuries, blood on uniforms) were discussed. Positive communication with players, coaches and fellow Official(s). Mouth Guards are RECCOMMENDED by VPA…although not required. Any color OK. Three Officials for the Semi Finals (as with the Finals) was discussed. Three Officials for regular season upon request of the Home Team. There will be a number of three Official trainings this pre-season as well as two Officials trainings…sites to be announced soon. A good opportunity to learn and or tune up your skills and learn the “Diagonal System of Control” (DSC) of Officiating. VPA & VSOA recommend an extra water break, each half, during hot days. Officials need to be dressed alike…black hat, black and/or gold mesh shirts…black shorts…color of stripes on ref socks: white is the default color and will go with any shirt...but gold stripes can be worn with gold shirt.NO jewelry! Contact Marty with any rules issues during the season. Each week during the season Marty will send out a Pointers/Quiz/Bulletin to all members. Thiswill also be posted onwww.vermontsoa.com (our website) under “From the Rules Interpreter.”

Reminder about NFHS Rules Test:

Online NFHS Rules Test needs to be completed by August 31, 2015. Assignors are beginning to make assignments and use the test as a part of the process

2015 NFHS rules video available at:


Election of Officers:

Scott West, VSOA Nominating Committee, presented the following members for election:

Vice President – Tom Cook

Sec. /Treasurer – Terry Harlow

Interpreter – Marty Adams

Member at Large – Joe Gonillo

The above nominees were approved by the VSOA membership. Per the ByLaws, Eric Evans moves automatically from President to Past President and Jessica Christian moves from Vice President to President.

These changes take effect at the conclusion of the annual meeting.

Mini Clinics (10 minutes each).

Scott West: Referee’s Role Pre Game to Post Game

Gunther Sihler: DSC and Dual (3-man and 2-man) Tactics for better positioning

Bud Laudenslager: Substitutions & Re-entries for Injuries & Equipment Issues

Assignors Note: Gary Blodgett – MVL…Mentors assigned for New Officials. New Officials check Arbiter for assignments and BLOCK any dates you are not available. Week-ends there are a dearth of available Officials…need to have more open dates on the week-end. Keep track of your own mileage. 3 Officials clinics sites to be announced soon. Contact your Partner(s) before each match. Arrive on the field together. Please discuss with Gary (or Frank) if you have a conflict of interest with schools, players, parents, community, etc. We need more Women Officials and Women Coaches! BE IN SHAPE!

Frank Martel – Northern Vermont Assignor…US Officials site issues. Schedule will be out next week-end 8/15 – 8/16. Arrive in your Uniform or change in the parking lot prior entering the field. Discuss field details. Get the calls right…confer with your fellow Official(s) if need be. Have a Rule Book available to ensure the correct ruling. Maintain a positive attitude before during and after the match. Contact the host school if you have concerns about the weather. Self-assess your performance. Give positive as well as negative feedback to your partner(s).

Mentors/Mentees (Probationary Members): Miles introduced the seven new Mentors & Mentees and asked them to stand. Many previous Mentors continue to main contact with their Mentees.

Sec. Report: Miles presented the Secretary’s Report…accepted by the Membership.

Tres. Report: Miles presented the Treasurer’s Report…accepted by the Membership. There is a balance of $2333.44 in the account. There was a savings of $400.00 on the 2015 Annual Directory and web site.

Committee Reports

Scholarship Announcement: Kurt Haggis, Scholarship Committee, presented $500.00 Scholarships, each, to Merrill Woodruff and Lauren Marshia. Lauren’s was accepted by her Dad Jim. Merrill sent a letter thanking the VSOA Membership read by Kurt.

Fees and Dues: Miles announced the current dues of $75.00 were sufficient to cover expenses that VSOA incurs. There is a small balance of $2333.44 in the VSOA’s bank account…accepted by the Membership.

Grievance: Stan Blicharz, Grievance Committee, explained the grievance process. He detailed the Committee’s work to be fair to the VSOA Members filing a grievance and to the VSOA membership.

Stan realizes that his committee is probably despised by the Membership. He feels they, Committee, take their duties seriously and perform quality, professional work.

Request for Active Status: Miles – Paul Austin applied for active status…approved by the Membership.

Request for Inactive Status: Miles – John Finnigan applied for inactive status…Membership approved.

AWARDS Presented by Scott:

10-year Chris Denette, Scott Dillon, Jamie Floyd, Scott Lagasse, Peter See, Alan Mitchell

Quarter Century Last year: Mike Clark, Matt Fitzgerald. Mike expressed his disappointment that he and Matt were not recognized by the membership and given a chance to accept the Award and voice their appreciation. Scott apologized…it was a time issue and unwarranted.

Quarter Century this year: Stan Blicharz,  David Blythe, Joe Gonillo, Stu Maynard

Dick Stewart Awards: Eric: Kirk Abrahamson (S) and Miles Etter (N).

Semi-Finals in 2014: Eric:

The following Semi Finals Officials were asked to stand as they were announced. They could, if they so chose, collect their mugs at the end of the meeting.

Carol Weston, Roger Ranz, Dave Zehnacker, Bill Duval, Roland Billings, Brian Barney, Dave Barra, Ezzedine Fatnassi, Jay Vallieres, Mike McCaffrey, Roland Noel, Greg Hartmann, Sonja Duncan, Elvir Jandric, Ryan Gates, Tom Hall, John Woodruff, John Upham, Matt Fitzgerald, Jim Marshia, Craig Iverson, Dennis Filion, Kirk Abrahamson, George Cook, Marty Adams, Tom Cook, Eric Evans, Jamie Floyd, Bud

Laudenslager, Jamie Falco, Patrick Whalen, Chris Buckley, Dave Doenges, Gunther Sihler.

Finals 2014: Eric-

The following Finals Officials were asked to stand as they were announced. They could, if they so chose, collect their mugs at the end of the meeting.

D1 Girls: Andy Gingras/Bob Richardson/Miles Etter

D1 Boys: Steve Lunna/Stu Maynard/Scott Dillon

D2 Girls: Bob Fletcher/Bill Edwards/Joe Gonillo

D2 Boys: Kirk Abrahamson/Bruce Schmidt/John Witalec

D3 Boys: Joe O'Brien/Andy Aldrich/Scott West

D3 Girls: Frank Martel/Mike Clark/Marvin Pritchard

D4 Boys: Gunther Sihler/Randy Dewey/Jeff Reed

D4 Girls: Bud Laudenslager/George Cook/Rich Ogilvie

Lions Cup Officials: Eric-

Girls: Mike Clark, Joe Gonillo, Ryan Gates

Boys: Gunther Sihler, Tom Cook, Bud Laudenslager

Conflict of Interest/Social Media: Eric-

If a referee feels there might be an issue with a team or school, he/she should confer with the assignor.Stay off from Social Media sites with your match comments…they can do more harm than good.

Special Olympics appeal: Eric-

Terry Boone has agreed to coordinate again this fall. He will be seeking Officials for both the West Rutland and Northfield sites.

Date for Next Year’s Meeting: Eric- To be announced. There may be a conflict with the College meeting.

Other Business: Eric- Discussed fees associated with Officials who have transferred to VSOA from other states.

Thank You and Pass the Gavel: Eric thanked the membership for their support and patience during a year of transition for VSOA. He then passed gavel to Jessica.

Jessica thanked Eric for all his efforts the past year and adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Harlow

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