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 VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020
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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > VSOA BOARD MEETING MINUTES 11/8/15

The Thompson Senior Center, Woodstock, VT
Members Attending:
                Jessica Christian – President
                Tom Cook – Vice President
                Marty Adams – Interpreter
                Joe Gonillo – Member at Large
                Eric Evans – Past President
                Terry Harlow – Secretary Treasurer
                Gary Blodgett – MVL Assigner present
                Frank Martel – NVAC Assigner via phone
President Jessica Christian called the meeting to order @ 9:10am.
1.Jessica voiced the need for new Soccer Officials (VSOA members) and how to recruit them. JV Officials are scarce also. Schools hesitate to make their JV Officials available. Need to recruit more female members.
S    Suggestions included more newspaper/radio ads, going into the HS schools to recruit, making contacts with  Vermont C  colleges to recruit college students, word of mouth.
2.  Eri    Eric brought up stipends for Interpreter and Secretary/Treasurer per Bylaws Article 6 Section 6. Discussion around stipestipend for other VSOA Officers. Motion made by Marty, 2nd by Jessica that we table this issue until the March Board meetiMeeting. Vote 6-0 in favor.
3. TerTerry gave the Treasurer’s & Secretary’s Report:
As of October 31st there is $7603.44 in the TD Bank checking account. A deposit of $325.00, made 11/6, is not included in that. total.
Bills f NFHS Insurance of $3850.00, Annual Meeting use fee of Castleton State University $275.00 fee and $295.00 to TechTeknaLight Software for VSOA website maintenance have been paid.
Dues Dues for 2016 Season are due on or before December 31st 2015.
        AActive Members - $75.00 includes $25.00 for NFHS Insurance
        IIInactive Members - $37.50 no insurance needed
        AActive Life Members - $25.00 for insurance only
Secr  there are 160 active members of which there are 24 probationers and 5 Life Members still Officiating. There are 17 inactiinactive members.
4. ThPros and cons of sending “blind copies” vis a vis group Emails were discussed and the Board decided that ‘blind copies” or BCor Bcc was the appropriate method.
5. MaMarty presented the Interpreter’s Report.
The avAverage test score for the NFHS written Soccer Test was 89.5, he suggested that next year groups get together to discuss the quesituations while completing the test. There were a few on-field issues he was presented with but felt most of the issues were Officials venting about situations and rules. Marty was satisfied that the color of tape around the player’s socks did not becombecome an issue.
6. Jessica read an Email from Terry Boone on his thoughts and suggestions for recruiting new members. Discussion ensued and the Board will continue to address all options for recruiting new members. The Board thanks Terry for his input.
7. Eric voiced his appreciation for the work that Terry Boone did in organizing Officials for the Special Olympics Soccer matches this year. Jessica will Email Terry and thank him for his work with the Special Olympics and his Email relating to rerecruiting new members.
8. Eric spoke about the need for more training not only just prior to the beginning of the season but a few months before. Training should be for “old” or “Seasoned” Officials as well. There are training coordinators in the “South”: Gary Blodgett, Marty Adams and Eric Evans. Eric asked via phone Frank Martel if he had suggestions for a coordinator in the “North” and Frank had a few suggestions. Board will pursue appointing training coordinators and providing them with a stipend.
9. Eric noted that Mentors have their dues waved for the following season but will need to pay $25.00 for their NFHS Insurance. This info will be added to the VSOA web site.
10. Eric discussed changes made to the by-laws. Marty moved to accept the changes and Jessica 2nd…vote was 6-0 in fafavor of the changes. These ByLaw changes are attached And changes are noted in red. Amended ByLaws have been pposted on the VSOA website.
11. Tom Cook opened the discussion on the Annual Physical Fitness Test’s difficulty and what scoring points should be changed if any. Tom noted that some associations have developed a separate scoring system for the distaff membership. Discussion ensued about adjusting the scoring system for VSOA Women. Tom made the motion to do so, Jessica 2nd. Vote 4-2 to approve. Tom will work to adapt the scoring system. Board voted 6-0 to have Tom look into changing the PE Test scoring so that it is line with the college scoring.
12. Frank Martel, via phone, updated the Board on his season.
   a. There were issues with Officials not being available.
   b. Many kickbacks.
   c. Frank assigned many games with DSC (3 officials). Every school that requested three officials received three officials on that day while Frank was still able to cover all the other games that day.
   d. Newer Officials worked more this year than in years past.
   e. Spoke about the incident during the Rice @ MT Abe game.
EEric asked Frank about the new members classes in that the new members need to pay $25.00 for their NFHS ininsurance. Frank indicated he would increase his training fee to $75.00 to cover the insurance fee.
13. Gary Blodgett reported his season went well with few incidents. He used the DSC system in 80+ games this season and many pre-season scrimmages. Gary endorses the 3 person DSC method of Officiating however he has concerns about the extra mileage. He tries to assign Officials from the same area if possible.
PPat Whalen was voted Official of the Year from the “South.”
14. Members have requested that the “mini clinics”, at the annual meeting, be longer.
SSuggestions included having clinics run 15-20 minutes, presenting them one at a time in the auditorium. The meeting cwould be extended up to an hour (9am-1pm) to compensate for the added clinics time.
15. The 2016 VSOA Annual Meeting will be Saturday August 13th…site to be determined.
JeJessica will check with Randolph, VT Tech College, Northfield and U-32 High Schools to see if their auditoriums are avavailable.
16. VSOA Committee assignments were discussed and made.
a. Examining Committee – Marty Adams/Chair, Gary Blodgett, Frank Martel.
b. Fees & Dues (VSOA Fees & Dues only. VPA sets game fees and mileage) Bill
DDuval/Chair, Terry Harlow, Mark Paquette.
c. Grievance Committee – Stan Blicharz/Chair, Rick DeSorda, Joe Gonillo, Matthew Fitzgerald, Gregg Morrow.
d. Scholarship Committee – Bruce Schmidt/Chair, Andy Aldrich.
e. Nominating Committee –Jessica Christian and Eric Evans
If When the committees meet an allowance of $25.00 per member for meals plus mileage will be provided by VSOA.
17. Eric brought to the Board a suggestion that USSF (grade 7 or above) officials be allowed to become active members in VVSOA without having to undergo a Probationary year or the New Officials Clinic. Qualified officials desiring this active VVSOA status would submit a written request to the Board. Board instructed Eric to arrive at the exact wording of an aamendment to the ByLaws that could be voted on at the March meeting
18. Scott West, via Email, suggested numerous changes to the bylaws. The Board appointed Scott to form and Chair a BBylaws Committee to review the bylaws, suggest changes and make recommendations.
19. A discussion about resurrecting the “green” VSOA jacket and having an official black jacket mandatory for all officials will be continued.
Mmotion was made by Jessica, 2nd by Terry to adjourn the meeting. Vote 6-0 in favor.
Mmeeting adjourned at 12:43pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Terry Harlow
VSOA Secretary/Treasurer

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