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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > Annual Meeting Minutes 8/13/16



V.S.O.A Annual Meeting

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Whitcomb High School



     The meeting began promptly at 9am called to order by President Jessica Christian.  Board members present – Tom Cook, Marty Adams, Terry Harlow, Eric Evans, and Joe Gonillo.  Jessica thanked Eric and Terry for their work this year as they will be leaving the board.


Thanks to vendor, Caleb Magoon of Power Play Sports, and Tom for supplying uniform, sweats, and gear choices.


Marty Adams presented rule interpretations – nothing drastic – with focus on offsides clarification, anchored goals, heat index/water break, thunder and lightning stoppage, head injuries, points of emphasis from our book, a video of rule changes on nhfs.org, and the return of his helpful emails during the season.  Feel free to email him and your assignors with any questions you may have during the season.


Three mini clinics followed.  Presenters had the opportunity to address our entire group for about 30 minutes in total. Steve Lunna explained game preparation – pre-game, prep and practice, and the importance of self-evals.  Craig Iverson discussed assessment – game control, player management, mandatory cautions and disqualification among other topics.  Pat Whalen covered handling and when to call a legitimate hand ball (for example, a deliberate play on the ball and hand in unnatural position).  Also discussed that it’s helpful to be on the same page as your partner and the guts to make to make the correct call.  All information was concise and well received.  Comments I heard during break and after the meeting validated this setup.  Feel free to email me opinions if different.


After the break our president spoke.  Congratulations to Jessica on being the VSOA’s first female president and for a job very well done.  If you have not read her President’s Message, please do so.


Out-going Secretary/Treasurer Terry Harlow gave his reports via email to the group.  They were informative and complete.  His practice of emailing them to membership will continue. 


Bruce Schmidt presented scholarships to Shania Lunna and Tori Svec in the amount of $500 each.


Bill Duval, always making his presence felt – helped with the directory – stated we were in good shape with game fees and proposed we remain at $75 for fee and dues.  Motion passed.


Training for officials, new and veteran for 2 and 3-person systems, are in place in various areas around the state (8/27 and 8/31).  Assignors Frank Martell and Gary Blodgett identified areas of importance, such as, working out for fitness tests, availability and contacting your partner the night before, always important game management, players flopping, and carding coaches when necessary. 

                   An incoming clinic will be held Friday, August 26 at Peoples Academy from 1-7pm.
                   An assessment clinic is scheduled for Colchester HS on Wednesday, August 31 

Probationary members were accepted as were the officials who requested active status – Mike Brown and Perry Smith, and inactive status – David Blythe, Phyllis Colby, Bob Fletcher, Dianne Gingue, Kevin Paskiet, Steve Peck, Pete Roach, and Morgan Nichols.

Roland Laroache moved to Texas

Mentors and mentees were recognized.  Mentors dues are reduced to $25 for their work.

Rich Ogilive, Ron Svec, Steve Peck, and Carl Ross received 10 year awards.

Don Culver and Art Thompson earned recognition for their remarkable 50 years as soccer officials.  Thanks to Dave Zehnacker and Spencer Noble for providing inside information on both careers.  Amazing!

Congratulations to Bob Richardson and Pat Whalen on being named the Dick Stewart Award recipients.

The following 2015 Semi Final and State Final officials were recognized:

D I Boys
Steve Lunna Center; Parke Fitzgerald, John Upham AR's
D2 Boys
Tom Cook Center; Matt Fitzgerald, Brian Barney AR's
D3 Boys
Gunther Sihler Center; Steve Peck, Brian Hurlbert  AR's
D4 Boys
Patrick Whalen Center; John Witalec, Marty Adams AR's
D1 Girls
Elvir Jandric Center; Jamie Falco, Rich Ogilive AR's
D2 Girls
Roger Ranz Center; Ron Larose, Jessica Christian AR's
D3 Girls
Ryan Gates Center; Dennis Fillion, Roland Billings AR's
D4 Girls
Kyle Wilson Center; Eric Evans, Chris Buckley AR's
Jessica Christian, Rick Desorda, John Woodruff, Gregg Hartmann, Dave Barra, Bill Duval, Joe Gonillo, Scott West, Stu Maynard, Marvin Pritchard, Mike Clark, Miles Etter, Jim Mashia, Ron Larose, Roland Noel, Scott Dillon, Elvir Jandric, Sefik Gosto, Bill Edwards.
Bud Laudenslager, Randy Dewey, Jeff Reed, Mark Paquette, Jamie Falco, Patrick Whalen, Bruce Schmidt, John Witalec, Chris Buckley, Tom Cook, Randal Adams, John Pedone, Kirk Abrahamson, George Cook, Steve Biongy, Rich Ogilive, Kyle Wilson, Bob Bayer

Our Twin State officials this summer were Pat Whalen, Center, Kirk Abrahamson and Bruce Schmidt AR's on the girls' game. Bob Richardson, Center, Aaron Hawley and Mike Clark, ARs, on the boys' game.

Election of Officers saw Marty Adams remain as rules interpreter.  Dave Barra was voted in as Vice President.  Joe Gonillo takes over for Terry Harlow as Secretary/Treasurer, Tom Cook is now our President with Jessica Christian in the Past President role taking Eric Evans' place.


Terry Boone mentioned October 14th and 15th as the dates for Special Olympics at Norwich University. 

President Cook announced the opportunity to purchase new VSOA Warmups. 

Eric Evans was recognized for his May induction to the VPA Hall of Fame. 

Membership honored the passing of long-time official Norm Graves with a moment of sielnce.

   The Gavel was passed.  Our new president thanked our out-going    
   president for her diligent work this year.

Next year’s meeting date was set for Sunday August 13, 2017 location TBA.  

                       The fitness Test was cancelled due to weather conditions.  Dates and     
                       location for make-ups are as follows: Wednesday 8/17 Ludlow 6pm;   
                       possibly Thursday 8/25 at Mill River TBA; and Friday 8/ 26 at People's 
                           Academy 7:00.
                           Meeting adjourned!



Please check out the VSOA web site @ www.vermontsoa.com for very quick up to date answers to your questions regarding the Vermont Soccer Officials Association.


The VSOA Secretary and other Executive Board members are willing to answer your queries however, the web site, again, is much quicker for questions about:


By Laws

Executive Board Members


VSOA Roster (Password vtsoa2014 needed)




VSOA History

And a myriad other helpful sites.


There are currently 132 active Vermont Soccer Officials Association members and 23 Probationary members requesting to become active members on August 13th. VSOA needs new members, please recruit a Soccer Official today!


VSOA Members being honored/recognized this year are:

50 Year club – Don Culver & Art Thompson

10 Year VSOA Membership – Rich Ogilvie, Steve Peck, Karl Ross, and Ron Svec

 Dick Stewart Award – Bob Richardson, North & Patrick Whalen, South.


VSOA Scholarship Awards – Shania Lunna, Steve Lunna’s Daughter & Victoria Svec, Ron Svec’s Daughter.


To date 38 of 155 VSOA members have completed the NFHS Test and forwarded their results to me. Scores range from the 70s to the 90s. Remember this test is compulsory to Officiate Varsity Soccer in Vermont. It is open until September 1st, 2016. Eric Evans is working with the VPA to have questions missed available by September 1st also.


Fitness test is also a requirement and the last opportunity to participate is Saturday, August 13th after the VSOA Annual Meeting @ Whitcomb HS. You may make arrangements with Gary Blodgett, assigner in the south, or Frank Martel, assigner in the North, to take the test at their convenience. The next clinic for new Soccer Officials will be held on August 26th @ Peoples Academy in Morrisville, VT. See the VSOA web site for more details.


Whitcomb High School, Bethel, VT. 9am-4pm includes classroom and on-field. $75 fee covers clinic, NFHS insurance, and first-year dues in VSOA. Contact Gary Blodgett  gblodg@comcast.net.


Mentors and Mentees will be paired by the Assigners…Gary & Frank.


2017 VSOA dues may be paid AFTER the membership votes on what they will be set at. Make checks payable to VSOA


If you are missing or have missed the Annual Meeting please remember to send the VSOA Secretary/Treasurer a Grievance Letter and a check for $75.00, if you have not already done so. To date I have received 5 letters.


Tom Cook will have “Official Warm Ups” on display and will take orders. The Executive Board would like the VSOA membership to become a bit more professional looking on the field before, during and after the game. More at the meeting.


Caleb Magoon, of Power Play Sports, (Morrisville & Waterbury) will be on hand with all the gear a properly attired Soccer Official needs.


Many thanks to the membership for their timely communications and cooperation!


Special thanks to the VSOA Executive Board for their guidance and patience!!


A very special thanks to Bill Duval and Eric Evans for procuring Soccer Rule Books, VSOA 2017 Directories, Awards, etc. I really, really appreciate your assistance, efforts, and guidance!!!


I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the meeting. Please feel free to introduce yourself!


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Harlow

VSOA Secretary/Treasurer

August 6. 2016


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