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 VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020
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VSOA Board Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2020 > Executive Board Meeting 3/17/13 Minutes

Spring Executive Board Meeting 3/17/13 in Burlington

Here are the minutes: The first news is that we could not secure VTC for the ANNUAL MANDATORY MEETING. Instead, our meeting will be held at RANDOLPH HIGH SCHOOL at 9:00 A.M. I will let you know further details about the meeting in your next communication. The Secretary reported that the membership now stands at 148 active members, 14 inactive members, 11 honorary members, 18 life members, and 9 new members for a total of 200. We had several active members retire/resign. They were: Brian Bittner, Mick Goldsmith, Kevin Lawrence, Chau Nguyen, Milt Sanderson, Glenn Sjoblom, and Chuck Stanley. Active members not renewing their dues were: Rob Bevier, Michelle Delaney, Chris Denette, Scott Dillon, Jim Dingley, Scott Lewins, and Peter See. New members not renewing were Paul Taylor and Lloyd Weinstein. Active members going inactive were: Mike Brown, Jim Boucher, Marty Brooks, Bob Houle, Dave Peirce, and Mark Royer. Inactive members retiring were: Leslie Hammond, Dave Rousselle, and Joe Wood. Inactive members not renewing were Mary Slattery, and Ron Svec. John Pike transferred to Eastern Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association (EMSOA). Dennis Wright transferred in from New Hampshire. Sabrina Lomans transferred here but did not pay her dues. Thanks again to all for helping to recruit new members to our Association. We encourage everyone to please continue to help recruit members for our organization. As they did last year, the Executive Board decided to continue to require new candidates to attend the introductory clinic on the basics put on by Frank Martel. These clinics will be held in Proctor on 8-24 from 9-4. At the conclusion of each clinic, candidates will be administered the test. This entrance requirement is to help ensure quality in our new officials. Please contact Frank Martel at 848-8991 for more details. The Treasurer's report was read and accepted. Right now the checkbook is in good shape, but, like every year, we have a lot of large bills coming in the next few months(NFIOA insurance, rulebooks, etc.). There was an error in the Annual Treasurer’s report at the 2012 Annual Meeting. The error has been found and it was mathematical. A new report is being compiled and will be sent to you when it is ready. Again, the Executive Board reminds everyone of our stance on uniforms. First, all referees MUST have BOTH the black uniform top and the "college grid" gold top. Secondly, referees may wear any college approved tops at games, as long as they both dress alike.  John Pedone has a generous supply, as he always does, of all college grid alternate jerseys for sale. I know that John is still planning to be at our Annual Meeting at Randolph High School. If you would like to purchase your jersey now, you can contact John Pedone at 773-5133. Improperly uniformed officials MUST be reported to a member of the Executive Board. Improperly uniformed officials will put their tournament assignments in jeopardy. Next, committees were formed. We would ask that if you see your name assigned to a committee, you will help us out and accept the position. Here are this year's committees: Written Test: Clinics by Frank and Abe. Scholarship: Randy Dewey, Mike Kinsler, and Dave Peirce Fees & Dues: Bill Duval & Pete Roach By-Laws: Bill Duval, Pete Roach, Dave Blythe, Dave Barra, John Witalec, & Bob Fletcher Nominating: Andy Gingras & Bob Abrahamson Grievance: Stan Blicharz(C), Matt Fitzgerald, Rick Desorda, Joe Gonillo, Paul Austin Physical Fitness: Fewer sites than last year with the final site being the Annual Meeting at Randolph High School. Just for historical purposes, here is the information put out in 2011 and/ or 2012 about the physical fitness testing: Concerning the physical fitness test, it was decided at the 2011 Spring Board Meeting that each member would be required to take the VSOA test and that the results would be recorded. These results would then be assigned the point values and the totals would be reported to the game assigners (Frank and Abe). The assigners would use this information in regular season and playoff assignments. It should be noted that no member will be suspended or otherwise kept from working games, however this information will be helpful to assignors in determining competition levels and number of games that a member receives. It was also decided to request that the number of test sites and dates be cut back, in order to have consistency. Here are the standards that we will adhere to this year. 12 Minute Run Points Meters 1 point 1800 - 1999 2 points 2000 - 2199 3 points 2200 - 2399 4 points 2400 - 2499 5 points 2500 and up Pro 40 (Box Shuttle) Points Time (seconds) 1 point 27.0 - 29.0 2 points 25.1 - 26.9 3 points 23.6 - 25.0 4 points 22.6 - 23.5 5 points 22.5 and less 7 x 30 Meter Shuttle Points Time (seconds) 1 point 50.0 - 53.9 2 points 46.0 - 49.9 3 points 44.1 - 45.9 4 points 43.0 - 44.0 5 points 42.9 and less Each member should try to do their best at each event, with a minimum goal being an average of one point for all three events. Start getting ready now so that you are ready for the run. This year, once again, our game fees will be as follows: Varsity Sub Varsity 2013 $75 $45 Mileage will be set prior to each season and will be reviewed annually by the Officials Committee. Last season, the mileage rate was $0.41/mile. I'm not sure if it will change before the 2013 soccer season. The Exec. Board talked about the “History of the VSOA” that was done by Eric Evans. The Board decided that, due to all the work and expense that Eric did and paid, and the tremendous job, we are waiving his dues for the next five years! I am including a little bit about our NFIOA insurance coverage, just as a reminder. I am paying our fees in June. As a reminder your membership with the NFHS Officials Association includes: • 1 Million Dollars General Liability Insurance Policy • 50 Thousand Dollars Accident Medical Insurance Policy • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit • Access to NFHS Centralized Officiating Educational Content (NFHS Central Hub) • Official Quarterly Publication Referees are reminded that you will leave the field together immediately when the game ends. The Executive Board has discussed this topic at length and agrees that too many things can happen after the end of the contest. Remember, this is not an optional action; the Executive Board has made it mandatory. All are reminded of the lightning policy. Whenever you hear thunder or see lightning, you must adhere to the guidelines found on the inside back cover of your directory. Our Annual Meeting will follow the same format that we have used now for several years. College guys, check to see if your dates have been posted to thewww.neisoa.com website. This year, the each chapter will hold its meeting locally. If you have questions, please call Dave Barra or Gunther Sihler for your answers. To all that requested scholarship applications, please remember that the completed application and all materials must be in my hands by May 1, 2013. Please meet the deadline so that I do not have to be the bad guy. In April 2013, the VSOA was contacted by Life Member Bob Stevens about helping to sponsor a plaque at the BFA Fairfax gymnasium in honor of the memory of Life Member Dick Brown, who passed away since our last annual meeting. A quick decision was made by the Executive Board and, I am happy to report, the VSOA made a donation to cover the cost of the plaque. You can find details at http://richardbrownfund.wordpress.com/Remember that we will try again have a golf tournament after our MANDATORY ANNUAL MEETING on SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 2013 at RANDOLPH HIGH SCHOOL at 9:00 A.M. I will let you know further details about the meeting in your next communication. Have a good summer and I'll keep you all posted. Pete Pete Roach Sec./Treas. VSOA All, I have been informed that I did not include a very important piece of information in the minutes to the 2012 Annual Meeting. John Witalec was awarded Life Membership. John joined the VSOA in 1969 and became a college official in 1971. John has always enthusiastically accepted any assignments sent his way, from assessing members to mentoring new officials. John was VSOA President in 1976. Stew Schmidt, John's unofficial mentor, was the emcee for John's ceremony. Thank you Stew and many, many congratulations to you, John. John, you are very deserving of this honor! Stew, who was celebrating his 50th year with VSOA, told a few good old stories about John starting his officiating career and entertained our group, as well as his family, who were attending the meeting to share his milestone event. Dave Zehnacker was also awarded Life Membership. Dave joined the VSOA in 1973 and became a college official in 1979. Dave also has been an enthusiastic mentor and has been an assessor when asked. Dave was VSOA President in 2001 and he was also the VSOA Interpreter for many years prior to Joe O'Brien taking over those duties. Bill Duval and Bob Stevens were the ringleaders for Zeke's award ceremony. We learned about the profitability of Zeke's post game adventures and many other entertaining facts during the awarding of the Life Membership. Dave, you also are most deserving of this award! Ladies and Gentlemen, please forgive me for leaving these out of the minutes of the annual meeting. Sincerely, Pete Pete Roach Sec./Treas. VSOA

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